Reading Roundtable (5B) Meeting Minutes from January 24, 2008

Reading Roundtable #5B held their first meeting on Thursday, January 24, 2008. The members in attendance agreed to move the meeting time from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (as originally scheduled) to 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM due to conflicts with a FLC.  

Members in attendance: 

  • Barbara Nixon, Communication Arts
  • Bill Yang, School of Economics
  • Melissa Weddell, Recreation & Tourism Management
  • Virginia DeRoma, Psychology
  • Abby Brooks-Fitzgerald, Communication Arts
  • Margery (Marney) L Collins, Writing & Linguistics
  • Stacy Kluge, CET


    Kimberly Zgonc, Teaching & Learning

Stacy facilitated the meeting. Each member introduced him/herself sharing name, department and some personal and professional background information. Stacy volunteered to act as the recorder for the session. When acting as recorder and disseminating the meeting minutes, please remember to CC Steve Bonham (, the Reading Roundtable Coordinator.  

Melissa Weddell volunteered to act as the facilitator for RR5B. Melissa will send members of the group reminders a day or two prior to each scheduled meeting date. Thanks Melissa for volunteering for this! If we need to adjust a meeting date, just let me or the CET Secretary, Patricia Hendrix know, so we can make sure the conference room is held for the group. 

The group agreed to use a “shared leadership” approach naming a reading leader and a recorder for each meeting. The calendar (and associated duties) for the group this spring are as follows:  
Meetings are scheduled on Thursdays from
11:30 AM-12:30 PM in the CET Conference Room (CIT 1305) for the following dates:  


Assigned Reading

Reading Leader Recorder
2/7 Chapters 1, 2 Barbara Virginia
2/21 Chapter 3 Virginia Melissa
3/6 Chapter 4, 5 Melissa Abby
3/27 Chapter 6 Abby Marnie
4/ 10 Chapter 7, 8 Marnie Bill
Chapter 9 
Virginia’s Birthday!
Bill Barbara

As per our discussion during the meeting, Barbara created a blog for all faculty involved in the three Reading Roundtables focusing on Learner-Centered Teaching to exchange ideas and share information and resources. Barbara has received the contact information for the members/facilitators of the two other groups and is in the process of contacting them to see if they are interested in participating. Anyone can post comments to the blog entries. If you want to post an original blog entry/discussion topic, contact Barbara. The blog is hosted at . It looks really nice. Check it out!  

During the meeting the group discussed several diverse topics. Some of the longer discussions centered around 1) the fact that good and effective teaching does not always equate to high student evaluations, 2) hopes that the book will have a significant and positive impact on teaching practices which will be discussed, shared, and documented by the group, 3) and experiential learning.  

Thank you all for an engaging and fun first meeting. See you on February 7th.  



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