“Teaching Teaching and Understanding Understanding” Video Link

Alan Altany, from Georgia Southern University’s Center for Excellence in Teaching, shares the following message from Claus Brabrand with our Reading Roundtable:

Given your involvement in University teaching/learning, you may be interested in a 19-minute non-profit award-winning short-film on University teaching recently produced by the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

The film is entitled “Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding” and is used for educational development around the world. It is translated into seven languages, features an epilogue by Prof. John Biggs, and is the 2006 winner of “The Golden Ratio” award (for best educational video).

The film is freely available online here: [ http://www.daimi.au.dk/~brabrand/short-film/ ]


John Biggs reviews the video:

Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding” is an award-winning film about university and tertiary teaching generally. We follow Susan and Robert in their studies. Susan, a model student, uses learning activities that deepen her understanding, while Robert, not academically inclined, uses low level activities that only just scrape him a pass. The teaching challenge is to engage Robert to study at a deep level too. The key is the principle of “Constructive Alignment,” which builds our knowledge of how humans learn into the design of teaching. The learning activities needed to achieve the intended outcomes are embedded in both teaching and assessment. Robert now has the support and incentive to learn like Susan does.

Filmed through the eyes of Robert, Susan and their teachers, this DVD is a joy to watch. It is used in universities around the world for teaching teaching to new teachers, for providing a theoretical foundation for experienced teachers, and for provoking debate about what good teaching is. Lasting 19 minutes, it has subtitles available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Danish.

— by Professor John Biggs, author of Teaching for Quality Learning at University. The third edition of this book, co-authored with Dr. Catherine Tang, is designed to help teachers implement constructive alignment in an outcomes-based format, with illustrative examples.



Claus Brabrand, Ph.D.



One response to ““Teaching Teaching and Understanding Understanding” Video Link

  1. listeningmatters

    This morning, I took 20 minutes to watch this video. There were examples throughout the video that I could easily relate to my own teaching. Explicitly making the links between what I am teaching and information that the students are already familiar with is important. (See the great numbers example in the video for a way to integrate it into your classes.)

    The description of aligned and unaligned courses was quite good also. I will re-look at the stated objectives of my courses to ensure that I am evaluating the students in the way that I intend to.

    I even garnered several ideas that I will share with my college-freshman son, who (unfortunately) tends to be more like Robert than like Susan.

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