RR5B – Learner-Centered Teaching February 7, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Reading Roundtable #5B held their 2nd meeting on Thursday, February 7, 2008 from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM.
Members in attendance:

Barbara Nixon, Comm. Arts

Bill Yang, School of Economics

Melissa Weddell, Recreation & Tourism Management

Virginia DeRoma, Psychology

Abby Brooks-Fitzgerald, Comm. Arts

Margery L Collins, Writing & Linguistics

Stacy Kluge, CET


Kimberly Zgonc, Teaching & Learning

 Barbara facilitated the meeting; Stacy acted as the meeting recorder.  The group discussed Chapters 1 & 2. The discussion was guided by the following questions:

  • Do you now teach in the way that you were taught? Or have you adapted your teaching style over time?
  • Weimer says, “College should be the time when and the place where students develop prowess as learners” (2002, p. 5). What are some ways that we can do this?
  • Which of the strategies mentioned in this chapter have you tried? What was your level of success?
  • What led to syllabi becoming so directive? Is it, as Weimer suggests some faculty members believe, because students “lack intellectual maturity, do not have good study skills, are not well prepared, do not like the content area, take courses to get grades, and do not care about learning” (2002, p. 25)?
  • How does my syllabus compare to those discussed as exemplars?
  • How much freedom can students handle?
  • The example on page 43 about the student who did not keep track of his own grades throughout the term and was surprised when he failed was a great one. Has something like this happened to you? What can we do to help students understand why tracking their own progress is to their distinct advantage?
  • What are your thoughts on faculty members who entertain their students?

 Additional information is available at the Learner-Centered Teaching blog: https://learnercentered.wordpress.com/   Respectfully submitted,Stacy Kluge


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