Clever Sheep?

When searching for resources to lead “my week” of our reading roundtable, I stumbled upon a blog with an intriguing name: The Clever Sheep (with the tagline “leading in new directions”). The author of the site, Rodd Lucier, says:

As a teacher who has used media and other communications technologies to engage learners for more than 20 years, I’m looking for opportunities to to engage in meaningful conversations with teachers who see themselves as learners.

I thought to myself, “Well, I definitely see myself as a teacher who sees myself as a learner, too”! 

Lucier also provides his Teacher 2.0 podcast several times a week. I’ve subscribed to the podcasts and listen to them (three- to five-minutes each, so they’re quick hits, on my 50-mile (each way) commute to Georgia Southern. A few episodes that I’ve enjoyed are:

  • “Be Not PowerPointless”
  • “Exams 2.0”
  • “Social Bookmarking in the Classroom”

Take a look & listen at what Lucier has to offer. In the two weeks that I’ve known about him and his blog, I’ve already implemented several of his ideas, all on my journey to becoming more learner-centered.

(PS – Why does he call his blog The Clever Sheep? It’s based on a Monty Python routine.)


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