Notes from Chapters 4 and 5 Meeting

Attendants: Melissa Weddell (discussion leader), Abby Brooks (note taker), Marney Collins, Virginia DeRoma, Stacy Kluge, Barbara Nixon

Overall the time spent during the roundtable discussion today was largely spent sharing concerns and qualms about students and student behaviors. The readings, and perhaps the time of the semester, seemed to bring forth some rather passionate thoughts that were echoed throughout the room. The minimal notes related to chapter discussion follow.

  • The group discussed that Chapter 4, although seemed repetitive of other chapters, was decidedly more positive than Chapter 5. The “negativity” of Chapter 5 offered a lot of information that does and does not work.
  • Within the group, benefits and downfalls of online quizzes were evaluated. There was no real conclusion but several ideas were shared.
  • The discussants talked about rewarding students without punishing others.
  • The question: how do we create enforcement if not based on attendance, quizzes, etc? Entitlement and other ideas were discussed.
  • No real answers to this one either but the group chewed on: are we putting too many rules into the “messy” learning environment.
  • Grade ideas, such as giving fewer items during the semester and how to disclose- verbal, MP3 file, comments on paper and number/letter grade somewhere else such as WebCT.
  • The group also talked about options of paper grading and advantages of utilizing drafts. Suggestions included: assign more ungraded, or practice, assignments and/or have peers evaluate for content and clarity, not for grades.

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