Reading Roundtable 5B Meeting of April 10, 2008

Chapter 7: Responding to resistance
Chapter 8: Developmental Approach

Attending: Margery (Marney) Collins, Discussion leader
Bill Yang, Recorder
Abby Brooks-Fitzgerald
Stacy Kluge
Barbara Nixon
Melissa Weddell

Absent: Virginia DeRoma

Margery started with why there is resistance, and it triggered lots of discussions from all group members. Then, Margery suggested to introduce change bit by bit. Abby told her own experience in this regard, Melissa shared her story about asking graduate students to present their work, and Barbara also mentioned her classes on the issue. Discussions followed.

Margery then listed a few resistance examples from the book as well as her own experience. Some good points from the book were noted and agreed upon by the group.

Margery continued to discuss the independent studies (p.153). Melissa talked about her feeling about questions by students.

Margery also talked about faculty resistance issue from the book as well as some of her experience.

The overall reader response of the group to Chapter 7 is that it is a good reminder and advice.

On chapter 8, Margery noted that “theory does not have to be right to be useful” and Barbara agreed.

Melissa told the group about her favorite cases from the book and Barbara gave her own story on the same topic.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Yang
Associate Professor of Economics


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