Who’s Who Bingo

Looking for a fun way to get to know the people in your class or corporate training session, while having them get to know each other, too? Try Who’s Who Bingo.

Set up a 5×5 grid with characteristics about the participants. You can use general characteristics, or if you have the time, ask participants to offer some of their own characteristics. I usually personalize the Who’s Who Bingo based on the class or course I am teaching. Examples could include:

  • Has brown eyes
  • Drives a convertible
  • Would rather do almost anything than give a speech
  • Is the oldest child in the family
  • Uses Twitter
  • Has a tattoo

I like to have the Who’s Who Bingo sheets on the participants’ tables or desks when they come into the room, and I encourage them to start working on the sheet as more people filter into the room.

Directions for Participants: Take about 10 minutes to mingle with the people around you. See how many different people you can get to initial the squares below. Don’t ask the same person to initial your paper more than two or three times, please.


Feel free to use the attached Word file and adapt it as you like for your own uses.

Photo Credit: “Bingo Chips on a White Napkin,” originally uploaded to Flickr by Scott Ableman.


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