Getting to Know You

[Cross-Posted from my blog Public Relations Matters]

In one of my public relations classes, I asked my students to create their own magazine covers about themselves so that we could get to know each other better. And I thought it was only fair that I shared my own magazine cover, created using Big Huge Labs.

All About Barbara - Magazine Cover by you.

The photo was taken in front of the Love sculpture in Scottsdale, AZ, in January 2007. We were in Scottsdale for the PF Chang Rock & Roll Half-Marathon, which we both walked in less than four hours (faster than some of the runners!).

I took the photo of my husband and me at arm’s length; I especially liked how my pink International Listening Association jacket shows up in the reflections in our sunglasses. Since that weekend, I’ve made it a habit of always snapping pictures of us together like that so that we can better remember our travels together.


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