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10-1/2 Strategies For Engaging Students In Large Classes

Whether you are relatively new to teaching large (lecture-hall style) classes, or you have spent years educating large classes, join Barbara Nixon, Michael Reksulak, and others from the Georgia Southern Unviersity Faculty Learning Community on Teaching Large Classes to learn and share your strategies for being both the sage on the stage AND the guide on the side.

For more tips and strategies, see http://delicious.com/barbaranixon/TeachingLargeClasses

NOTE: Speaker’s notes will be included in this presentation sometime after the April 8 presentation.


In Large Classes, It Drives Me Nuts When . . .

Lecture Sleeping Pt. 1 by Seb Payne.This semester, I’ll be teaching a large section of Introduction to Public Relations at Georgia Southern University. I’d love to get some feedback, especially from students, on what professors have done to HINDER your learning in a large class. The more I know from the student point of view, the better I can prepare for this class. 

So . . . what have professors (or teaching assistants) done that really drives you nuts in large classes?



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